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Emergent Curriculum

We pride ourselves on the creation of calm, serene, environments,  where children are deeply engaged. By letting children be active participants in the learning process, they are gaining so many skills in making choices, planning, persevering, collaborating, and problem solving.

    The Emergent Curriculum plays a vital role as our continued goal is to promote learning through active listening, observation, and creative investigation. Children drive their own learning through play as they are deeply engaged in calm, serene environments known as "The Third Teacher." Most importantly, teachers assist the child in this journey, and do not direct this ongoing process.  As part of our Reggio Emilia approach, we remain committed to “The Hundred Languages of Children,” and many other child development theorists which serve as our guide amongst many other valuable resources. This approach originally developed by Loris Malaguzzi out of Reggio Emilia, Italy dates back as far as World Ware II, when he studied the neuroscience of the brain of the child.  From these many languages of children, infinite possibilities present learning outcomes.  From painting, sculpture, dance, drama, music, poetry, science, gardening, cooking, and reflection, to any of the 100 languages that a child’s mind might discover.  These “languages” are essential to a child’s understanding.

We value the Parent-Teacher relationship.

Our goal at Little Jack’s Corner is to create an individual that aspires to achieve excellence, and with the healthy connection between the home and school life, parents and extended family become an integral part of the learning journey.  Parents are also valuable in their scope of knowledge and resources available, as they share with other parents their education and awareness as part of the Volunteer Parent groups.  This enriches and supports the experience for both the parent and the child where families become a valued part of the experience in our school community.

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