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About Us



We are proud to offer a private and unique In home preschool program.  We are a recipe of love, and passion, inspired by the world-renowned Reggio Emilia Approach, Little Jack’s Corner is an Early Childhood Education Program that meets Te Whariki, Rudolph Steiner, Emi Pikler, and so many more child developmental theorists.  

By letting children be active participants in the learning process, they are gaining so many life learning skills in making choices, planning, persevering, collaborating  etc.  So many children have been taught to be passive and to wait for an adult to tell them what to do.  They never take risks so they can't manage risk.  If they have not been given the opportunity to choose, they won't know how to make good choices. At Little Jack’s Corner, a child directed approach, we allow the child to take those risks through open ended play, open ended discussions, to theorize, hypothesize, and become leaders in their own learning process


Little Jack’s Corner is licensed by the California Department of Social Services, which means our facility is routinely inspected according to Title 22.  All staff have a minimum of a bachelors degree, are background checked, and have current CPR and Health and Preventative Certifications.

Mission Statement
  • To provide the highest quality of education, offering a wealth of opportunities for self-exploration, creativity and self-discovery. 

  • To nurture the whole child’s natural curiosity through reflective practice. 

  • To empower the image of the child as they master their skills, the power to critically think, and internalize learning through play.

  • To develop each individual child’s unlimited potential through their unique quality, strengths, passions, and interests.

  • To strengthen and build our community as we advance all parents and families’ knowledge through the power of education and available resources.

Admissions Policy

We believe education should embrace and celebrate diversity. Little Jack’s Corner welcomes all children and families, including those with special needs, and does not discriminate against any family based on ethnicity, culture, religion, or sexual orientation.

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