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Meet the Staff

All staff members at Little Jack’s Corner are background checked, and are cleared by the Department of Justice, FBI, and Child Abuse Registry. Criteria for all staff include CPR and Pediatric Preventative Health and Safety Certifications. Teachers have a minimum of a BA. Little Jack’s Corner prides itself in continued Professional Development and ongoing dialogue with Reggio Inspired Educators around the world.

Natalie Mullaney, Director


Natalie Mullaney was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, (formerly known under the British rule as Rhodesia). Prior to the birth of their miracle baby Ella, Natalie, her Mom, and husband had a vision. After much research and not finding a program locally that could cater to Ella's needs, Natalie, a dedicated mother inspired by her talented mother Judith, who was a teacher and extraordinary musician with over 35 years of experience in the British and New Zealand systems, Natalie quickly learned growing up the importance of a high quality education with the love of the arts at a young age.  Out of this, Little Jack's Corner was born.  They wanted what every parent wanted for their child.  The freedom to express their personality in many ways.

Natalie continued her education as she completed her Associates in Social Science, and Bachelor degree in Child Development, with a minor in Child Administration.  Among many of her qualifications and talents, she not only comes with a background in the Fine Arts and a Royal Academy of Dance trained dancer, but has achieved the Scholastic Achievement award, nominated in the top 5% out of 675 students in her graduating class of 2013.  She is excited about the recent new upgrades to their program since her recent visit to New Zealand, and throughout the U.S.  The school feels like a home away from home for the children. This is very important to maintain a sense of calm, serene environments where children are deeply engaged especially during a time of Covid-19, where children need a sense of calm, and freedom from the isolation they've been in. 

Natalie is married to her wonderful husband, Chuck Mullaney, and together they are enjoying this time with their daughter Ella.  She enjoys dining, world travel, supporting the fine arts and culture, museums, plus a variety of world music, including classical, and jazz.  

Excited to create her own Family-Style Program, Natalie looks forward to setting the bar for the highest standards.  Her goal remains to instill a love for learning in each child, and build meaningful relationships with her parents, the local community, and her students.  A creative individual, her passion is to grow an inspirational Reggio-Inspired Curriculum where Reggio meets Te Whariki meets Montessori. 

Chuck Mullaney, CFO

Born in Massachusetts, and a graduate from Fitchburg University, Chuck was raised by a hardworking and loving family.  Since moving to California in 1993, his career has flourished in the Entertainment Industry, whilst letting his creative juices flow in editing, photography, and Graphic Arts. Happily married to Natalie and a joyful father, Chuck is excited to be a part of this program.  His tireless efforts towards upgrading the school environment, his continued research in Child Development theory, and love for the children, has well equipped him to participate in volunteer programs, and to assist in the school environment wherever possible.  

Mandated Reporter

As a Family Licensed Day Care director, all staff are required to complete certified training to report any suspicious abuse including emotional, physical, sexual, or negligence of any child enrolled.  This is required by law.  As unpleasant as this is for us to have to observe and report, our number one goal is to protect every child’s life from harm in any way.  Our goal is to keep families together, and safe.  Child Care Licensing and Child Protective Agencies assist at-risk children and families with professionals that can help with trouble in the home, and if necessary, are always available to help counsel a family in need before the situation becomes severe.  As a Mandated Reporter I do not have a choice, it is my responsibility and duty to protect a child’s life from any harm, or suffer the consequence of fine or imprisonment. 

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