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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will we have a Covid 19 policy in place by start date and Enrollment?

Little Jack's Corner is committed first to the safety of families, our community, and children. We encourage Parents to provide proof of  Covid-19 vaccinations, and a Negative test for the child as part of our Enrollment policy.  Along with our Online Meet and Greet tour, to put your mind at ease, we breakdown our step by step protocols.  From disinfecting our environment, to signing in, and temperature taking for everyone involved.  Staff will continue to remain masked as much as possible,, and we support children who wish to wear their mask.  Upon signing with us, we also provide our "Covid-19 Pledge" which outlines all details you need to know to ensure our protocols are in place.  In accordance with Health and Safety guidelines, our best practices  ensure all the needs of our children are met without compromising our standards.  Please feel free to email for more information. 

  • What guidelines are we following due to Covid 19?

 We are currently following all state and local Public Health and guidelines. Staff are 

fully vaccinated, and masked as much as possible.  Although  we are accepting online Meet & Greet tours (which run roughly 40 minutes - 1 hour),  at this time we only offer tours at our location to those interested in signing up.  Please see our Enrollment guidelines for more information on our physical distanced tours and more. 

  • I'm scared to enroll my child when there may be reports of the spread of the virus in Child Care Centers/Family Day Cares.


     There are precautions to keep you safe from COVID 19.  CA and Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health have announced the  indoor mask requirement for all child care settings and public schools ends on 3/11/22.  The announcement cited encouraging trends which include low pediatric hospitalization and the effectiveness of isolation and quarantining to diminish community and school spread of Covid 19. We will follow the guidance and will highly recommend masking beyond March 2022, but will not require all students ages 18 months and above to wear masks in the Indoor or Outdoor classrooms.

We continue to support students and staff who elect to wear masks.  Teachers and staff will follow all other health requirements and will continue testing for Covid 19 regularly.

Based on the current guidelines, we respect each individual’s choice to wear or not wear a mask. We recognize that some individuals will be concerned with the change, but we want to assure you that all of our health and safety precautions will remain in place and we will continue to follow the guidance from health and medical professionals.

If case rates rise again and the the LA County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) revises its requirements, we are prepared to reinstate a mask mandate.

 We go above and beyond to ensure you have peace of mind, as we take you through our new normal day. We present you the opportunity to answer all questions or concerns at our Physical Tour.

  • How do Parents get involved, and the importance of an extended community?


Little Jack’s Corner focuses on the dynamic partnership between family and the child. 

(Ask about our Covid 19 policies).


As we embrace the magical process of early learning in preschool years, we understand the importance of a loving environment. Parents and extended family slow down their day as they are a valued part of our school community through volunteering their free time. Parents are encouraged to share their unique skills, passion, and interests through our Volunteer groups by participating in the running of the school with their dynamic family energy. These include periodic virtual parties to celebrate the child’s work, Parent Education, field trips, cooking, baking, construction, documentation, gardening, fundraising, and artistry. Our community is strengthened by the support the family and community extend. The children recognize the value of their school when they see their families involved.


  • What are the Material Fees for, and how you can help?


Although we charge nominal tuition costs to cover our day to day operation expenses, being a privately funded pre-school, we solely rely upon supplemental funds throughout the year to replace classroom materials, books, and outdoor structures. We believe that all children deserve the very best materials provided to express themselves. Whether it’s the “messy kitchen”, garden, library, or art space (Atelier), we want to provide our children with the opportunity to explore and discover the materials that speak their language.


Our co-constructed long and short-term projects with the children require mastery of many materials to fully explore their ideas throughout the process. Documentation emphasizes the importance of the child’s development, and every graduate takes home a laminated journal of their work.


Reggio Emilia emphasizes that children’s work is beautifully displayed, and that the materials play an important role in the child’s development. This develops the self-esteem of the child, which is supported by the parents to help drive their learning and implement lesson planning.  This also allows us to replenish resources to stimulate new ideas, allow us to organize field trips, and allows the child to drive their own learning.


  • Do you have a Parent Handbook?


Yes, upon completion of Enrollment, all parents are provided with our complete Registration packet which will include all forms required by law, school handouts, and our Parent handbook detailing our policies and answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. This also includes our Parent Contract, Field Trip, Media Release Forms, Allergies, Medical needs, and any other school notices on our Emergency Plans, Parent Volunteer groups and more.


  • Immunizations


By law (SB277), immunizations are required and prior to Enrollment. For more information regarding immunizations and exemptions, please visit the website for California Department of Public Health.

  • Do we have pets?

We have a small dog, Gigi.  Her vaccines are routinely updated, and it is important to address any concerns you may have during the tour. Especially if your child has a fear of animals/pets or is allergic. Research has shown many benefits to having a pet for the children. They learn the importance of the dual relationship of the love and trust of an animal when they learn how to feed and care for a pet.  Also, most children that are allergic, are usually allergic to the dander. We routinely vacuum, disinfect, and clean to reduce dander, plus a major portion of the day is spent outside.  To curb any fear, time, patience, and the assistance of an adult/teacher are used at all times. 

  • Do you require all children to be potty trained?

 Our research shows that children between the ages of 20-30 months train best, so long as they are able to communicate their needs. They are better off fully trained around this period to avoid bladder atrophy at a later stage.  We know you have many choices or methods of training.  However, we have trusted the guide of blocks 1-4 in the book "Oh Crap, It's Potty Training" by Jamie Glowacki, along with her Night Manual videos via her website.  As parents, we understand this can be a scary and stressful time, however, if you set a calendar date, and start the potty training process on a break in the comfort of your home, this is more than sufficient time  along with our support, your planning, and patience at home, the child will succeed here at school as well.  This process allows us to spend their valuable developmental play time facilitating their strengths and interests versus worrying about their potty training skills.  We know this takes time and patience, and we understand your need to get your child enrolled as soon as possible. As our experience has shown,  we appreciate your efforts to get them started prior to Enrollment. This beautifully marries the process at school through the language explosion phase, and the need for autonomy.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to address them during your tour.  


Our heartfelt thanks for all those that have volunteered their time to our program:


Franco Brescia – Publisher of IL CORRIERE, and Italian Cultural Arts, Los Angeles

Chelsea Samuelson – Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Scheer – Teacher and Artist

Shushan Aleksanyan – Accountant

Public Counsel - Ritu Mahajan, Staff Attorney

Community Development Project/Early Care & Education Law Unit    

Richard Maire – Mannatt, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP           

Susan Cole – Teacher and coach

Judith Miles – Mother, teacher and Musician

Faculty and Staff of The Child Administration, Health and Child Development Department, and Family and Consumer Science Departments of  California State University, Northridge

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