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The Environment as the Third Teacher

Known as the “third teacher,” the environment plays a crucial role in supporting the development and self-esteem of each child.  This is also how we clean up, and utilize materials that are open ended in play.

The Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms

Little Jack’s Corner prides itself on providing safe, nurturing, and thoughtfully designed spaces that promote curiosity, and self-exploration.

If we want children to flourish, it is important that we model through our own life example, how to value and respect our natural surroundings and planet.


We are proud of the recent and beautifully designed spaces since our visit to New Zealand where we value much of our research based on the love of earth, and nurturing our Ecology. We have seen the results of creating cosy, warm inviting environments where children are deeply engaged. Weather permitting; we will be utilizing our outdoor classroom most of the time. We do our best to utilize environmentally safe, high quality, and mesmerizing materials that encourage children to appreciate and value their surroundings.  The classrooms feature a variety of age appropriate creative spaces which include a beautifully lit dreamy Dramatic Play space, a cosy library, a block space and more.. The Atelier (art areas) provides children the opportunity to choose open ended materials based on their interests. These are also focal points where relationships blossom as the children participate in active investigations of their environment. As a result of these experiences, children deepen their learning as children and teachers participate in open ended discussions reflecting upon our feelings, problem solving, and how we can grow through this journey.

The Indoor Classroom

Children’s Play is an important part of development in the whole child.

The Indoor classroom is designed to create a sense of wonder, where a child's imagination blossoms. Children’s play is how they develop.

The Outdoor Classroom

Understanding our natural environment is an important place to explore nature, gain an appreciation for nurturing our ecology, and develop community.


The Outdoor Classroom provides infinite possibilities for learning outcomes between the child and the natural surroundings.  Children take leadership in their own design of this area and have access to tend to natural treasures such as their own learning garden, Scandinavian Playhouse, Fairy Garden, bug garden, Messy Kitchen, and other additions such as our Art shelf and easel.  A shaded area allows the children to paint, and participate in many indoor activities outdoors.  While learning about the importance of preserving the environment we live in, children are vitalized wherever possible to build their immune systems through playing with soil.  They maintain health by experiencing fresh air and sunshine.  Teachers observe, listen, question, interpret, and assist the child in discovering their unlimited potential.

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