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Balanced meals and nutrition are a vital part of each day for the child.



Snack time provides an excellent opportunity to learn about nutrition, hydration, table manners, etiquette, engaging in conversation and positive interaction. 

To supplement the daily choice provided by Little Jack’s Corner, we encourage parents to sign up in advance for the provision of packaged fresh fruits and vegetables for the children once a week.  

Little Jack’s Corner discourages food with high fructose corn syrup and most juices, and prefers that children at the school consume water, protein without hormones, along with natural sugars such as those found in organic fresh fruits and vegetables. We encourage parents to choose from any of the foods from the pyramid of healthy daily choices to add variety and balance to a child’s diet.




Parents are asked to provide their own child’s labeled lunch and water bottle. This allows parents to prepare foods the child is used to, especially if they have allergies, and gives parents the opportunity to place good choices in front of them.


We ask at the celebration of the Child’s birthday for parents to assist in providing choices that are balanced in nutrition such as the child’s favorite food, their birth story, and photos for everyone.

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